Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Kristin and Linda (3)

Mom is still in Maryland, my aunt was in the hospital for about three weeks. She broke her ankle when she slipped at work.

Aunt Doris has two girls, they are both teenagers, they are a handful.The oldest one is Kristin, she is fifteen and her interests ,is mostly boys .
Linda her second and youngest daughter is thirteen . Mom told me Linda thinks she is thirty. Mom , also told me since she has been there, Linda has been bossing Kristin around,and acting like she has been their and done that (LOL)

Mom will probably stay with Aunt Doris, as long as she needs her.She knows that I’ll take care of my sisters until she gets home.I’ve been out of work for about three months. Because of the economies turn –down.

I was working in a department store. My job was working on the floor, as a sales person three days . I also filled in on two days a week as a cashier, in the same department. Which was children’s clothing.

When everything gets back to normal around here. I have to get back home to my husband Charlie, also my son Henry. I know they miss me, but they understand that my mother needs help, and my two younger sisters , can’t stay by themselves, alone.

Besides they don’t want to leave their comfy beds.They wouldn’t want to come home with me, even though I only live twenty minutes from here.Because they would have to sleep on the floor. Bringing their clothes for school is another story. Phone is ringing,I better get it.

I pick up the phone and say “hello”

Charlie is on the other end. He said, “I was waiting for you to call, but I thought I better call now, to see if everything is alright.”Henry and I miss you, we can’t wait until you come home.”

I replied, “You both know that you can come over to Mom’s house anytime that you want.”


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2 thoughts on ““Family Waves” Kristin and Linda (3)

  1. I like it! This is such a tease.

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