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“Family Waves” Good News (11)

Henry was sending a lot of resumes out.

He liked where he worked.

But he thought it was time to move on to something better.

He received a lot of replies.

Henry, liked the offer in California, the best. The problem was, he had to move in the state.

He thought about Hope, and if she had a problem moving there..

(He thought) I want to ask Hope to marry me, now is the best time. We both can start a new life together there.

I’ll tell Hope about the good news,when I take her out to dinner for her birthday. I hope I can keep it to myself, because her birthday isn’t for two weeks.

I was going to ask her to marry me on her birthday anyway, now I can also tell her about my acceptance at the hospital in California.

Henry came home and told his father and I, about his acceptance at the hospital in California. We were both happy for him, but we didn’t like the idea of him moving so far
I asked, “Is Hope going with you?” Henry replied, “I’ll take care of that when the time comes.

Two weeks seemed so long getting here,I almost told Hope a couple of times,but caught myself.
I went to pickup Hope at her parents house.

After I picked Hope up, we went to our favorite restaurant .
To enjoy and share the good news.
Hope thinks it’s just for her birthday.

I hope she accepts, I never thought of that before ( Henry thought’s)

They finally arrived at their favorite restaurant, which is called “Marlo’s Friendly Family Restaurant”.

When they walked in, both could smell, the combination,of delicious food cooking. And the aroma, of someone baking a apple pie.

The owner Marlo, greeted them both personally, and ask them if they wanted to sit at their special table?

Marlo was just teasing, because Hope, didn’t know Henry, already made reservations.

“ Of course we do! Hope replied, what a crazy question ?”

All three of them laughed.

“Family Waves” Soul Mates (10)

They both were laughing, as they were walking over to the table. Henry
introduced himself,and Hope introduced herself.
“She said that this was the first time,that she seen this place so busy,”
Henry agreed with her.
She also said,she didn’t usually have lunch with someone that she didn’t know. But you seemed so nice and considerate. Hope laughed and said” besides their wasn’t another seat in the house”.

Boy! Henry was glad! He thought,” maybe I wouldn’t have gotten a opportunity to meet her. She seems like a very nice person,and would like to have another lunch date with her.
Maybe he could get to know her better,he liked her a lot.
They finished eating, and chatting, both were ready to get back to work.

Henry stood up and ask Hope ,if he could have her cell phone number?
Also, if she wanted to have lunch together again.
They both shared their numbers,said goodbye. Hope was in heaven, she was very happy,and very lucky to meet Henry.

This was Hope’s lucky day!
When she went back to work,after lunch. Hope was telling her co-workers about the fellow that she met at lunch.
His name is Henry,and he is doing his internship here at U.P. What a handsome,and nice guy he is,and how they had such a fun time together.
She said she was so comfortable with him,that she feels like she has known him forever.
Hope was so much in the air,she forgot to tell them,he wanted to have lunch together again soon.
When she calm down she told them about the lunch date.

The next day, Hope bumped into Henry again at lunch, they were both glad to see each other.They both got their food and found a place to sit.
They chatted about many different things, music, things that they did,and things that they would like to do.Most of the things they talked about,they seem to both like.
They were having such a good time,that they forgot what time it was.
Hope said to Henry,”I better get back to work.I didn’t realize what time it was.” Henry got up from his chair,and said,”I have to get back to work also. How about us finishing this conversation over dinner with me Friday?” Hope said sure, and they both decided on a time,and she gave Henry her address.

That was four years ago. They both connected right away.
They,haven’t had a day go by, that they didn’t include each other.
You can say,they must have found their, soul mate.

“Family Waves” ” Henry and Hope ” (9)

Henry is a med.student, he is 32yo, 5’9”,with dark brown hair,and brown eyes. He wears his hair short, but sometimes, he will shave his head,especially in the summer.He has a lot going for him, he will take it to the limit.

Henry has been doing his internship at University of Penn Hospital.
He absolutely loves his job.He enjoys helping people,and trying to make them feel comfortable,the best that he can,because the patients all have different ailments.

Hope is Henry’s girlfriend, she also works at U.P.H.

She is working in the dental department,for children.
She loves working with children, she says, “they are so funny sometimes, but at the same time they can be like little adults.”
Hope is 31yo, she is just a year younger than Henry.
She is 5’8” with long brown hair,she likes to wear her hair in a ponytail.
Henry and Hope met in the hospital, they were both working at the time.
A matter of fact,it was in the cafeteria,where they both got their lunch sometimes.
But neither one of they could find a place to sit.
Henry notice this young lady was having the same problem,because the cafeteria was so crowded.He started looking all around,and he seen a little table way in the back.
He thought,this is the right time to meet this beautiful young lady.
So he went over to her,she was still standing in the middle of the cafeteria looking for a seat.
Henry ask her if she wanted to join him ?
” There is a little table,way in the back. They are the only seats left in here.”
She hesitated for a moment…….she wasn’t used to someone being so considerated to her. But she thought “ I can’t seem to find a seat” anyway he is nice looking, why not”.
Then she answered ” yes! only because ,there are no other seats”.
Henry told her, “well we better get moving before someone else gets it first.”

“Family Waves” Time for me to go home (8)

The three weeks passed by fast,mom called Tuesday and she said that she would be home by the week-end.
I couldn’t wait to tell my family. I know my aunt’s two daughters were probably already scheming their adventure.They both couldn’t wait to get their freedom again.

Bright and early Saturday morning.
Mom pulled in the driveway,she had her car loaded down with all her belonging. I went out to help her with all her things.
But before I went out, I called the girls,and told them mom was home.
I gave her a big hug,and told her we missed her.
Mom was glad to see everyone, she was tired from the long ride from Maryland,so she went upstairs to her room to lie down.

Later that day,I made supper for everyone.
Mom came down stairs to eat,and she looked well rested,she said she had a nice time over at her sisters house.But it was great to be home.
I told her that I would be going home tomorrow,so I would have to go upstairs and pack.
Charlie would be picking me up when I called him.I have a lot of things that have to be done,including trying to get myself a job.

The next morning,I called Charlie and ask him to come and pick me up at mom’s. Because I was ready to come home.
Everything seem to be back to normal here.
It was time for me to get on with my life.

My husband came by late in the afternoon.
He came in the house and talked with mom and my sisters for a while.
Later he helped me to load his car with all my personal things. We said our goodbye’s and off we went.

On the way home,Charlie was telling me about the show he was watching last night. I know it had to be the history channel.Because he was telling me about
how light bulbs are made . Charlie said “It seems like anything you are curious about.
” How something is made”
You should watch this show each week.“How it is Made” there is something different each week.

“Family Waves ” Kristin is up to No -Good ! (7)

When we open the front door,the phone was ringing.

Mom was on the phone she wanted to know if everything is alright.
I told her the girls and I went to the mall. I bought a new sweater,and the girls each brought a pair of earrings.
Mom said she is doing a lot of catching up with her sister. Her nieces seemed to be doing o.k.
“Kristin and Linda don’t like it,but they have been doing some of the chores around here. Mom said,I’ll call you later,or get back with me if you want to”.

Aunt Doris called after she seen her doctor.
The doctor told her in about three weeks she would have her cast taken off.
My aunt told the doctor that she couldn’t wait.
Her daughters couldn’t wait either, until their mother went back to work.
They had plans of their own.
Their Aunt Ruth, watches every step they make.
“It is very boring ,said Kristin,she won’t let us do anything.”
Linda agreed with her sister. “At least when mom is working, we can call our friends and chat.
We can plan our own day, and not have to worry about Aunt Ruth ,changing our plans.”

Mom said, “that Kristin looks like your Aunt Loretta, when she was sixteen.
Aunt Loretta is one of Mom’s sisters,(whom we never met).
She has long dark brown hair, she seems to change the style often.
Because every time I see her, different pictures, she is wearing a different style.
Linda,who is fourteen resembles her late dad, tall and slender with light brown hair.

Linda doesn’t know it yet, but her big sister, has devised a scheme.

Kristin had already text her girlfriend Morgan, told her about the plan she had in mind.
Kristin told Morgan, “that school will be starting back soon,and maybe we can plan ahead to have a Halloween party.”

Three weeks later my aunt had her cast removed.

Everyone was happy,Mom could finally go home, my aunt could go back to work,and both of the girls,had the watchdog off of them.

Keeping my followers informed

First of all, I would like to thank, all of my readers.

I’m going to continue my posting, of “Family Waves.”

After, next week, I’ll be posting a different short story,on different days. I hope you,enjoy, my stories.

As much, as I love to write them.

“Family Waves” Fun at the mall (6)

Later, we all got off the bus and walked into the mall. There was a little girl about four years old, who had curly blonde hair. She was wearing a pretty pink and white dress, who was crying to her mom.They were both standing in front of Toys-R-Us.The little girl seemed to want something from inside the store.But her mother told her if she doesn’t stop crying. She would take her back home to take a nap.


Both of the girls dawdled pass the stores, Ashley  asked Chloe if she wanted to go into the jewelry outlet,and buy a pair of earrings?” Why not”? Chloe answered! I told them to meet in the center of the mall in an hour, then we’ll get something to eat.


I dilly-dally, looking in some stores. But I didn’t see anything to buy, that drew my attention.Wait a minute their is a pretty blue sweater on the rack here. Probably don’t have a  medium ,woo!hoo! Yes they do! Today must be my lucky day.Paid for the sweater and happily walked out the door.


I’m going to sit down on the bench here and just watch the people go by until the girls come back.They’ll find me I sure!


There are two young women standing next to the wishing well laughing,one said “I’m going to throw a coin in the water and make a wish”.Her friend looked at her and said”I know you aren’t going to tell me your wish”! “ You got that right”!   replied the other woman as she was laughing.


A middle age couple walked by holding hands,they looked like they were having a good time.A woman was walking with three little children,she seemed to be in a hurry,because she was hurrying the kids along. Telling them to come on we’re going to be late for the doctor’s appointment. I felt sorry for the three little kids,they were maybe,two,three and four years old. The way she was rushing them, I don’t think their little feet could go any faster.


Just after they passed,I saw the girls walking toward me. I asked if they brought anything? They couldn’t wait to show me before we got home.both showed me their new earrings.Beautiful “I said” Then of course I showed them my great buy.O.K. Show and tell is over,I smiled at them and said lets go and get something to eat.


On the way home on the bus,it wasn’t very crowded,like on the way to the mall.On the other side of the aisle there was a man sleeping,he looked like he just got done work.He still was wearing his uniform . Up further their  was a young girl talking on her cell phone. “We’re almost home girls”, I said, Good ! they both answered.

“Family Waves” MOM and Aunt Doris (5)

The next day, Charlie and Henry showed up for dinner.

The girls were happy to see them both. Everything went great !

After dinner we all went in the living room and chatted for a long time.

Charlie stayed a little longer,but they each drove their own car over, because Henry had a date,with a girl from work.

Her name is Hope, she works at the hospital with Henry.They have been dating for about four years, they are both in love.

Aunt Doris called,she said that she is still, hopping, here,and there. But she is feeling a lot better.

She has to go back to her doctor and get a check-up.

Aunt Doris is 52yo, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She favors our grandfather.
Mom favors her mother,med brown hair with red hi lights and green eyes, she said she always hated her hi-lights. Because she hates red hair, it reminds her of the rag doll she had when she was little.

Aunt Doris and Mom always fought about, who the doll belonged to.

Grand mom would listen to the noise for a little bit, then if they didn’t stop, she would make them both sit in the corner, facing the wall for a hour

Mom is from a big family of 17 siblings. Mom said , when they were all growing up,they all got along.
But it seems after,they all grew up and married. They started there families, and didn’t have time to get together like they wanted.
Mom and Aunt Doris were the closest of all their siblings. They both try to keep in touch with each other when they can.

The girls, will be starting school soon. So I thought, it would be nice, to get out of the house, today. We can do something , that we all enjoy.

The sun is shining,it’s seems like, it’s going to be a pleasant day.

I’ll ask the girls if they want to take the bus to the mall .
I’m sure the mall is going to be filled with people shopping.
I can’t remember the last time I did this!
But I can envision all the people their,more the merrier.

“Family Waves” Charlie and his SUV (4)

Charlie said, “Yes I know, maybe we will stop on Sunday.That’s the day after tomorrow, I don’t have to work.”
I answered “Henry is off this week-end. We all can sit down and talk while we’re eating. The girls will be happy to see you both.”

”My husband Charlie, is 5’7’’ slim, with black hair . He styles his hair in a DA.

You both can come over anytime you want,dinner will be ready at 5:00 p.m.If you remember,stop at the paper store and get me the Sunday’s newspaper.
I don’t think I’ve read the paper in three weeks. Maybe their will be a job in the paper,that I can check out.

Thanks,I’ll talk to you and Henry tomorrow.Love you both,Good night!!

I better go to the market and pick up some things that I need for dinner.
Better write a list for the things that I need. Because knowing me,I’ll grab some things that really aren’t necessary.

I yell for Ashley and Chloe,so we can go to the market,they were both upstairs watching t.v. Chloe and Ashley yell back “we’re coming”!

Charlie is really bore today, he is thinking about going outside and polishing his suv.
When Charlie first brought his suv, it was silver and just plain looking.
He decided, after he brought the vehicle he would design it to his liking.

Charlie is very good with designing different things.He has a very good artistic talent,he designed black stripes on both sides of the suv, doing it free hand. It really looks pretty awesome!

Charlie thought to himself. “Before I begin, I’m going to go and get my coffee first. So I can have more energy !

We all just arrived at the market, it was just starting to get dark. When we went inside, the market was fairly crowded. Like all the markets, it was cold. Stupid me, forgot to bring my sweater.

The girls started arguing about who is going to push the cart. I told them both to take turns, neither one of them were very happy. I got my list out, found most of the things that I needed for tomorrow’s dinner and then some. After I had all the items in the cart. We got in line so I could pay for all the things.

In the line ahead of us, was my next-door neighbor, Stella. When she seen me, she yelled “ Jeanine, where have you been? I see, your guys—- but, I haven’t seen you in a while.” I replied,” I’ve been staying at my mother’s house. Taking care of my two sisters, until my mother comes back home. She taking care of her sister, and her nieces,until my aunt get’s back on her feet.” “That’s nice of you,” said, Stella. “Give me a call, when you get time.” “O.K.” I said, see you later.


“Family Waves” Kristin and Linda (3)

Mom is still in Maryland, my aunt was in the hospital for about three weeks. She broke her ankle when she slipped at work.

Aunt Doris has two girls, they are both teenagers, they are a handful.The oldest one is Kristin, she is fifteen and her interests ,is mostly boys .
Linda her second and youngest daughter is thirteen . Mom told me Linda thinks she is thirty. Mom , also told me since she has been there, Linda has been bossing Kristin around,and acting like she has been their and done that (LOL)

Mom will probably stay with Aunt Doris, as long as she needs her.She knows that I’ll take care of my sisters until she gets home.I’ve been out of work for about three months. Because of the economies turn –down.

I was working in a department store. My job was working on the floor, as a sales person three days . I also filled in on two days a week as a cashier, in the same department. Which was children’s clothing.

When everything gets back to normal around here. I have to get back home to my husband Charlie, also my son Henry. I know they miss me, but they understand that my mother needs help, and my two younger sisters , can’t stay by themselves, alone.

Besides they don’t want to leave their comfy beds.They wouldn’t want to come home with me, even though I only live twenty minutes from here.Because they would have to sleep on the floor. Bringing their clothes for school is another story. Phone is ringing,I better get it.

I pick up the phone and say “hello”

Charlie is on the other end. He said, “I was waiting for you to call, but I thought I better call now, to see if everything is alright.”Henry and I miss you, we can’t wait until you come home.”

I replied, “You both know that you can come over to Mom’s house anytime that you want.”

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