Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Ashley and Chloe (2)

When Ashley and Chloe were only six and four years old. Dad said he had enough, he packed his clothes,and I believe Mom helped him to pack. After he left we never heard anything from him again.

For a while , my sister’s, and I where melancholy. We thought, we had done something wrong. But Mom, made it clear. It wasn’t about us, it was, all about him. She also specified, he does love us all. That we should all remember that.

It’s 11:30 p.m, on Friday night, I will have to remind Chloe and Ashley its time to close up shop and get ready for bed. They probably won’t be happy about that,but they will have to get over it.They both know we have to get up early, Saturday morning,because we have to return their books. So they can choose another book to read for the week.

The next morning, I woke up early. I usually here the birds singing outside. Before I even get up out of bed. When I got up , looked out side of my window, it was still raining outside. I’m glad the girls don’t have school today.

On Saturday’s since mom went to aunt Doris’s house. I have been taking them to the library after we eat breakfast. So they can return their book that they took out the Saturday before. Since I’ve been here, they both read a book in one week.They both love to read,Ashley wants to be a school teacher when she grows up.Chloe wants to be a lot of things,she’ll probably will change her mind a dozen times

I go into the bathroom,to take a shower. Before I , go down stairs, and make breakfast, for all of us.
Mom’s has her bathroom, draped in blue. Except for the shower curtain. It has a white background, with muti colored butterflies.

As I get dressed, in by brown slacks,with a crème colored top. I hear a knock on the bathroom door. It’s Chole,she’s yelling, “ Let me in,I need to go bad!!”

I finish up, and let Chole in. I say, “ When you are done, washing, and dressing. Wake your sister up, so she can get washed, and dressed, before breakfast.” Chole replies, “ You make me do everything! ”

After breakfast, I was going to drive them to the library. But both the girls insist, that we walk, the two blocks,to the library. “ Ashley uttered, “ We aren’t going to melt,we can use our umbrella’s.” So off we went,when we arrived at the library. The librarian, Mrs. Minn’s, greeted us.
When we finished, finding a book,for our own reading. Mrs. Minn’s, stamped our books, and we headed home , the rain was almost, ended.


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