Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (1)


By  Jean Alphin

Here in the small town,  of  Sarvert,  Pennsylvania.  We’re in upstate Pennsylvania, near Cabott. The people  here, are friendly. But they seem to keep to their-selves.

Looking  outside  my  window,  the  sky  is  dark .  Just, once in a while  flashes  of light,surround  the sky. What a beautiful sight !

On the t.v. behind me,  a  Weather Channel reporter is talking about Hurricane Irene. As she speaks, the winds outside  are whistling loudly.The trees are swaying back and forth, I believe it is going to start raining soon.

Upstairs I can hear my two sisters playing games on the computer. Ashley is fourteen, second from the youngest,and Chloe is twelve the youngest.They are both upstairs playing with a game on the Internet. You can hear them laughing and enjoying them-selves.  Ashley and Chloe aren’t even aware of the nasty weather outside .

My name is Jeanine, I’m Ashley’s and Chloe’s oldest  sister. I’m a younger version of mom. Everybody thinks that mom and I are sisters,because we look so much alike.We’re the same height,with long brown hair,green eyes,and stubborn as a mule.

I was the first born ,mom and dad were both sixteen when I was born. I was an only child for a long time.

When I was in high school Ashley was born, after I graduated from high school Chloe was born. Mom and Dad and I use to go every where together, before my younger sisters were born.

Then things changed big time.My parents use to argue a lot, they didn’t argue like this before. I heard dad say to mom one time, “you wanted to have more kids not me.”

Mom had her hands full with taking care of my sisters. I helped Mom take care of my sisters. When I wasn’t working at the deli,my sister’s and I,would go to the park nearby. We would feed the pigeons,and  the squirrels. Do a little shopping,or go to the movies.This was a big thing to them.


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One thought on ““Family Waves” (1)

  1. This is exciting. I wonder what will happen next!

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