Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Your Pets Can Be Funny”

We all can tell funny stories,about the pets we had or have. I remember when I was about four or five. Our family had a dog named, Skippy Girl. She was a medium size dog.

Skippy Girl,had a white body with big brown spots. Around the same time,we also had a rooster that crowed every morning.  Our dog and rooster got along well.

The house we lived in at this time, was a big single home.  Anyway, the rooster and the dog’s idea of playing was, Skippy Girl would start running around the house. The rooster would catch up and jump on her back. Skippy Girl would take the rooster for a ride around the house,and the rooster hung on. This was their idea of play. We all had a ball, because it was so funny.

When my husband Charlie and I got married. We got a  small dog named Tip. Charlie and I both love animals.

One day around Easter, I made a pound chocolate covered peanut butter egg. I put it in the center of our dining room table.  Then Charlie and I went out for a while. When we came back,Tip had got on the  dining room table. I still can’t believe this. But he ate  almost the whole egg. He got sick and vomited for quite a while. He was lucky Tip felt better that night. I learn a lesson,not to leave anything on the table where he could get into.

Later we thought Tip needed a pal. So we went out to the S.P.C.A. Where we found a cute little kitten, we took it home. Tip fell in love with it right away. Charlie and I named it Fluffy.When the cat was about one year old. She started sleeping on the top of the door in the bedroom. We would take her down,and back up she would go. Tip would just lay on the floor and just watch her.

A couple of years later, a friend of ours was moving. They couldn’t take their young  german sheperd  dog with them. So they gave the dog to us. We named her princess.

One day when I left the dog out in the back yard to do her business. She must of seen another dog,so she jumped the fence. She ran in front of a car, so we took Princess to the vet. The dog had all kinds of test on her leg. The vet said she had a fracture front leg. She put a splint on the dogs front leg. Told us to bring her back in six weeks..

The next morning, I left her in the back yard to do her business again. About fifteen minutes later, I heard a noise at the front door. I opened the door, and here comes Princess running in the front door. She had taken her splint off, Princess was showing us she didn’t need the splint,because she was fine.


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4 thoughts on ““Your Pets Can Be Funny”

  1. These are great stories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great stories. Our cat Mocha was best buddies with our very fat weiner dog. They slept on the chase lounge together every day and got along as long as Fred didn’t pull Mocha’s tail. Mocha would back him in a corner and slap him silly but never used claws. Thanks for sharing your pet stories they were great! Lynn Davis

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