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“Dick Clark”

This is a very sad day!! Dick Clark died this morning following a “Massive Heart Attack”. He was 82 years old.

Born in Mount Vernon N.Y. on November 30th 1929. Richard Wagstaff Clark.

He started his young career  in show business ,when he was a teenager. Working in the mail room of WRUN, a radio station in upstate New York. The station was run by his father and uncle.

After Dick Clark graduated from Syracuse University in 1951,with a business degree. He went back to his family’s radio station for about a year.

He then landed a job as a DJ at WFIL in Philadelphia in 1952. He called his show “Dick Clark’s Caravan of Music”.

He than landed a job as hosting on “Bandstand” in 1957. This was an afternoon show for teenagers. “Bandstand “was at 46th and Market Street Philadelphia,PA.  Later in 1964 he moved the show to L.A.

I remember coming home from school,sitting on the floor and watching the show. Their were a lot of special singing guests. The only two that I’m aware of,not being on that show singing live., Was Elvis Presley,he talked on the phone with Dick Clark,because his manager wouldn’t let him perform. The second was Ricky Nelson,because his family had a show on the air at the time.

Within five years, everyone in the country was watching “Bandstand with Dick Clark”.

In the late sixties, Dick Clark started his own production company. He put out many popular shows::: T.V. Bloopers to Game Shows.

In 1972, Dick Clark hosted “The Dick Clark New York Rockin’ Eve” for the first time in New York Time Square.  Up until 2004,when he suffered a stroke.He was really bad off,he couldn’t talk or walk.But he made it to the “2005  New Year’s Eve ” event. Because of all the  hard work, he put into getting better.  Dick Clark later passed the show on to Ryan Seacrest from  “American Idol”. But he continued to help host the show with Ryan Seacrest.    Dick Clark even helped host 2012. What we didn’t know!! It would be his last!!!

R.I.P. Dick Clark,you will be missed by many people.


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2 thoughts on ““Dick Clark”

  1. Great post. I didn’t know all of this, especially that he started in the mail room.

    The New Year’s Eve show is going to be quite different without Dick Clark. I’ll bet that they’ll have a nice memorial for him that night, though.

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