Jean Alphin


“The Fifties and Sixties That I Know”

Growing up in the fifties and sixties,is quite different than today.It was a very peaceful time,a great time to grow up.When we were kids,we didn’t have a worry or care. That was for the grown-ups.I know my parents left us be children,and do what children do. Play,have fun and just be happy.But there were families out there with children such as Shirley Temple, Patty Duke,and Michael Jackson. I’m sure you can think of a lot of other children actors,and artists.their were quite a few. I use to feel sorry for all of them,what kind of childhood did they have? All work and no play isn’t good. You  can’t bring your childhood back,I don’t care how much money you have.   Like they say “Money is the root of all evils”

Things have really changed since I grew up. The schools,churches and children’s  groups don’t seem to been safe anymore. You think that you leave your children or grandchildren in there hands. Where they would be safe,not today!!

Today you walk down the street,in your neighborhood and more than half of the people you don’t know.I know people seem to move around quite a bit today.

Before you knew most of your neighbors,but today you don’t even know your next door neighbors name.

And don’t even think about saying the wrong thing,which is  Who knows!! It’s sue city today!!

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4 thoughts on ““The Fifties and Sixties That I Know”

  1. So true. Some people are voting with their feet and some folks are moving closer to family, or simply where they can afford to go. There are becoming fewer and fewer places to get away from it all.

    • It is really unbelievable what is going on today. I wouldn’t of believed it in a thousands years ,all this craziness!! Thanks for your comment!1 Jeannie


  2. I walked to school in the fifties and ran all over town in the sixties. I even rode a bus to my Grandma’s house in the next state at 13. Who could let a kid do that now?

    • My sister and I both walked to school in the rain, snow ect. Today before it even snows,schools are canceled. What a joke!
      There are many places, that you have to think twice. Concerning where your child is safe.
      Thanks for sharing!

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