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I’ve had this dream to open a candy store for  a long time.One of these days  I will, it will take a lot of  hard work, and money. But in the long run it will be worth it. I can see it now,my sign hanging outside on the building JEANNIE’S  SWEET SHOP“.  Their is purple dotted curtains hanging in the windows. Rainbow color tile floor, and candy cases with all  different colors of signs to advertise the many different  flavors of “CHOCOLATE CANDIES. I can smell all the different  flavors of candies in the air, buttercreme, peanut butter, coconut cream,toffee and I can go on and on. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered potatoe chips,chocolate covered strawberries. I better stop. You should have the idea  by now.

I have to do my homework first:

  • Where would I like my business to be?
  • What type of equipment will I need?
  • How much supplies will I need?
  • How much money will I need to get started?

These are just a few thing that I have to get a answer for. I believe the next thing would be smart to do do. Is to sit down and try to draw out a plan. Then everything  will  start to make more sense.


Today is the first day of spring,and you couldn’t ask for a better day. The temperature went up to 73 degrees.People were working in their yards, raking up the leaves and things, that old man winter left behind  They were probably blown their last month,when we had some very windy days.Talking about winter,I can’t remember the last time we had a fairy decent winter. Last year was horrible,it seemed once you got to the point of cleaning your snow off of the sidewalk. You would say to yourself not again,the snow did its thing once again. We can’t do anything about it because it was winter, and you can’t fool around with “Mother Nature”.

I  was off from work today,so I got up this morning a little later than I usually do. The  birds  were singing loudly out side they probably knew it was going to be nice. I was happy,because their was a lot of house work I had to do today. I open the windows up to let fresh air in,the air seems to get stale with the windows closed all winter.  The fresh air gave me the incentive to get moving.Because winter time makes me do less.

I finished what I had plan to do today,so before I  start dinner. I gave myself time to read some of my novel that I had started last night.Once I start reading it is hard to put the book down, especially if their is a lot of suspense. I had a hour to relax and read,but I better keep an eye on the clock.

It’s five o’clock so I better start dinner,my husband and son will both be coming in from work.

Workplace Changing!!!!!

The workplace has been changing a little each year.With three generations,trying to work side by side.Today, going to work isn’t the same as when I first started working in the sixties.

You have to start first with the economy,which has been bad for quite awhile. Then you have a few of the Matures, born between 1922 and 1945.Few of them are still working one or two days a week,just to get by.

Next is the Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964, the post-war babies.When they came into the workplace, they were raised to be competitive and driven. Most believe in working hard ,dressing appropriate,and working long hours and paying their dues. If they wanted to climb the ladder to success,then you would have to even work harder. They began their work day doing business via meetings and phone calls.

Next is Generation X,born between 1965 and 1980.Where the birthrate was the lowest in U.S. history . The children born in this era,were known as the latchkey kids. The reason for the name is, a lot of women went into the workforce due to a lot of divorces and a era of feminists.

General X’s traits are independence’s, resilience’s and adaptability. They also have a pragmatic approach on getting things done.Most have seen the economy do a downturn.Parents getting laid off from work,doors closed,and job insecurity. Those are few of the reasons they take their job seriously. They also to a certain extent began work via meetings and phone calls.

Millennial are next++ Born between 1981 and 2000.  They are the most centric children in our history. Technology has been a part of their life.They think that the computers,internet,cell phones and texting has always been here. They are a very demanding group,they want it all, fun, flexibility and feedback.They think that the workplace should be customized just for them.

With the economy the way it is,and people that want to retire and can’t because of the higher cost of living, dwindling retirement accounts,and of course Higher Health premiums. Most people have no other choice but to keep working longer.

Most boomers are stuck in the workforce for now,and the Generation Xer’s and The Millennial’s aren’t happy campers. But we all have to join together and get along.Just stop and listen to all  generations ,if we all join together,things might stop clashing and make more sense.

We all just have different work styles.

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