Jean Alphin



I love to read,their are many,many books that I have read through the years. If you ask me what genre I prefer,my answer would be .  Most all genres that interest me,it could be a book ,magazine or a newspaper. If their is a article in  their that I want to read,I’ll read it. Even when I go out ,I’ll have some kind of reading material in my purse,so if I have an appointment with someone,instead of wasting time waiting I get something out to read.

I can remember when I was a little girl,I always had something to read.My sister Ruthann and I would go to the library and find a book to read. We would sometimes stop at the nearby park and sit on the bench and start reading our book.

I bet you can remember sometime in your childhood,you had your favorite books to read,or if you liked to color(I think we all did). You had a coloring  book with captions under the differant characters. You would maybe sit under a tree and color,or sit at the table with the big people and color. If you were lucky one of your parents would hang it up when you were finished. So that all the people could see the artistry you have.

Their  has been many articles about some libraries closing. I know you have to go with the flow,or what is, is. But I know their  are  E-Readers,Kindles and Nooks. A lot of people like reading with them. I guess  I’m from the old school,because their isn’t anything better than holding your book that you are reading. To some of us, we are in trouble if they keep closing used book stores,and libraries.

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