Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

Country Music

I was a country fan in the sixties and seventies,then I started to listen to Rock-and-Roll. My husband still listens to it.He’s been listing since he was a teenager.He likes “The Platters”,”The Moonglows”,and “The Flamingo” ect. I started listening with him. My favorite’s are “The Four Seasons”,”Johnny Maestro”and “Little Anthony and The Imperials”Like my husband,they have to be the originals.I seen”Johnny Maestro” in person,about ten years ago. Saddly he passed away in 2010.He sounded better singing in-person,than the records.I also seen “Little Anthony and The Imperials” in-person last year at the Harrah’s. He sounded better than his records.The classic country I listened to was Conway Twitty,Johnny Cash,Hank Willians,Dolly Parton,Waylon Jennings and Reba Mcentire.Did you know that Dolly Parton,was the riches woman in country?(200-400 million). Reba Mcentire came in second with 185 million.I guess we are in the wrong business(LOL)Now I always listen to 92.5 f.m.It is a great country station.My favorites are: Chris Young-“You”Luke Bryan:”I Don’t Want This Night To End”Toby Keith:”Red Solo Cup”I really like all kinds of music.Except for Opera and Rap.I can’t understand Rap,it sounds like words running together. Opera on the other hand sounds like they are yelling.Everyone has their own taste in music.Plus other choices,that is what makes the world go around.I like you to make a comment about which Country or Rock-and-Roll artist you like.


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