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I love to read,their are many,many books that I have read through the years. If you ask me what genre I prefer,my answer would be .  Most all genres that interest me,it could be a book ,magazine or a newspaper. If their is a article in  their that I want to read,I’ll read it. Even when I go out ,I’ll have some kind of reading material in my purse,so if I have an appointment with someone,instead of wasting time waiting I get something out to read.

I can remember when I was a little girl,I always had something to read.My sister Ruthann and I would go to the library and find a book to read. We would sometimes stop at the nearby park and sit on the bench and start reading our book.

I bet you can remember sometime in your childhood,you had your favorite books to read,or if you liked to color(I think we all did). You had a coloring  book with captions under the differant characters. You would maybe sit under a tree and color,or sit at the table with the big people and color. If you were lucky one of your parents would hang it up when you were finished. So that all the people could see the artistry you have.

Their  has been many articles about some libraries closing. I know you have to go with the flow,or what is, is. But I know their  are  E-Readers,Kindles and Nooks. A lot of people like reading with them. I guess  I’m from the old school,because their isn’t anything better than holding your book that you are reading. To some of us, we are in trouble if they keep closing used book stores,and libraries.

What A Quote!

Their is a new site,maybe you already joined. It’s called Pinterest,and you can search the internet for anything. If you find something you like,you can repin it to your board.It’s I didn’t think I would like it at first,but I searched different pages on pinterest,and I found a lot of different boards,that had other members likes and dislikes.Their are so many categories,Children,Pets,Quotes,clothes, ect. You have to check the site out.My point of writing this post is: I can’t believe the responses I received in three days about a quote,that I liked and I repined it.In just three days,I have had 403 repins on my board of quotes. This saying actually hit a lot of people. The Quote Says: If it is important to you, You will find a way, If not, You’ll find an excuse

Where Are They At?

I was just reading a post on one of my yahoo groups. The members their, had a discussion going on about friends,once you reach 50 plus. I thought they were talking about me.Once you reach midlife,your peers aren’t reaching out for you.Don’t get me wrong,I have had, and still do have a lot of friends.I had a few friends in school,and once we graduated everyone went their own way.Nobody stayed in touch,some of us got married,moved away,or left for college. We all had the world in our hands!Your to busy with your own personal life,you forget about your classmates.As they say life goes on!!!Family isn’t the same,sure you can be close,but you want a friend around your own age,to share,differant things like a pal does.Usually as family goes,you here from them,when a member has a birthday,graduations,marriages ect.I enjoy time with my husband,but he doesn’t always feel like going to yardsales,shopping,or just walking. It’s very boring going all by yourself.I have also made a lot of friends,when my husband and I were in the retail business.I’ve still have friends that are my co-workers.Lots of friends on Facebook***who doesn’t?My point is,these aren’t friends your age,that you can relate with.You have to find people your age,that likes the same things that you do. A group called,I heard is great!!!They are suppose to have a list of differant things to do as a group.I”m sure after a while you can meet friends around your own age.I can just imagine a million or more people out their right now,that just want a friend to talk to on the phone. Or go shopping.biking,walking ect.So it looks like were’re just have to go to these events and see if we can meet new friends.

"Past and Present" My Story as a Server!!!

I have been reading quite a bit about blogging.I have been all over the internet,trying to find something different to blog about.But I found the only things that you should blog about is something that you know about.So I’m going to blog about,my experience being a waitress,for decades. Today they call waitress’s, servers.This name is the gender neutral version of waitresses or waiters. Back in 1971.I took a job as a waitress.At a business called “Marcus Hook Diner”. Didn’t know a thing about it. Except,you take the customers order,and then serve them. I found out that being hired as server, it was more than that. You served the drinks and food,but also cleaned up before and after. If you were lucky a busboy,would bust your tables when you were busy.This gave you a chance to finish the tables that you had left. It also gave you the opportunity to have another table open.In return,, you would have to give the busboy his cut at the end of your shift.This process was fine with me!!! When your co-workers work together,it’s like team work. This sometimes didn’t applied to some of my co-workers.I never in a thousand years thought,I would make serving a lifetime employment.I seemed to fit in with this new job of mine.Before my employment as a server,I did babysitting,this was a nice experience,but not for a length of time.You probably had the experiences of babysitting one time or another. Don’t get me wrong,I love children,just thought it was time to move on.Working in a Deli was a nice experience,for a short time.My next job,I believe I only took the job,because my husband’s aunt and uncle owned a nursing home at that present time. I’m guessing around the end of the sixties.I loved the patients,but it was a heart breaking experience.Some of them were just like children,you had to help bathe them,dress,feed them and make sure they were given their meds from the attending nurse on duty at the time.All of my co-workers tried their best to make sure all the patients were comfortable.But the heartbreaking part,was some of the patients would sit in their chairs on the week-end,and sometimes during the week. Just waiting for a family member to come and visit them. Then when no one showed up they always had an excuse for them.This didn’t happen with all the patients,some had visitors mostly every day,or least once a week.While I worked there,maybe for two years. Few of the patients would have regular visits from family members. They would be there practicably every other day.Bringing in flowers,candy and other treats.Laughing and trying to cheer up their family member.But the heart wrenching things next,was when a family member just put on a act until they got what they wanted. Like signing over everything the patient own.Afterward the patient didn’t ever see that member again. You have to be a person,that isn’t that sensitive as I am.So I left that job,and was hired as a waitress.Little did I know,this job was going to be for a lifetime.!!!! You have to have a great boss and great co-workers. My bosses at the time,was Tom and Reds,what I remember about them is they never gave me a hard time.Their were a couple of my co-workers,they were hard on.I suppose they weren’t doing their job.My other co-workers were pretty nice to me.They all gave me some pointers along the way.My customers were all very nice,I got to know a lot of people through this job of mine.It’s funny some people you wait on everyday,you might know their name. But in some cases you only know them by what they drink and eat. I’m sure most of you out their that are servers,know what I’m talking about.Most of the time when your busy,you don’t have time to mingle with the customers.You just have time to say hello and take their order.For breakfast and lunch most customers want to come in and eat and go to work. Or when they come in on their lunch break,they only have enough time to order,eat and run.

Country Music

I was a country fan in the sixties and seventies,then I started to listen to Rock-and-Roll. My husband still listens to it.He’s been listing since he was a teenager.He likes “The Platters”,”The Moonglows”,and “The Flamingo” ect. I started listening with him. My favorite’s are “The Four Seasons”,”Johnny Maestro”and “Little Anthony and The Imperials”Like my husband,they have to be the originals.I seen”Johnny Maestro” in person,about ten years ago. Saddly he passed away in 2010.He sounded better singing in-person,than the records.I also seen “Little Anthony and The Imperials” in-person last year at the Harrah’s. He sounded better than his records.The classic country I listened to was Conway Twitty,Johnny Cash,Hank Willians,Dolly Parton,Waylon Jennings and Reba Mcentire.Did you know that Dolly Parton,was the riches woman in country?(200-400 million). Reba Mcentire came in second with 185 million.I guess we are in the wrong business(LOL)Now I always listen to 92.5 f.m.It is a great country station.My favorites are: Chris Young-“You”Luke Bryan:”I Don’t Want This Night To End”Toby Keith:”Red Solo Cup”I really like all kinds of music.Except for Opera and Rap.I can’t understand Rap,it sounds like words running together. Opera on the other hand sounds like they are yelling.Everyone has their own taste in music.Plus other choices,that is what makes the world go around.I like you to make a comment about which Country or Rock-and-Roll artist you like.

Write! Whatever!

I’m sitting in my living room with my husband.I have my laptop on a small table.Antique Roadshow is on the t.v.,they usually have some great antiques on that show.Usually we see a item that we owned,or used to owed at one time,I bet you did also.How about some of the great prices?My husband and I used to go to different antique shows, to buy for our antique store.This was in the late sixties, you could buy some pieces very cheaply at auctions.We than started to set up at flea markets on the weekends,because we had a huge inventory.Business was very good to us,we did well.But my point is! It seems when Antique Roadshow first show came on,things changed big time.Some people would price their item,or items to high,because they may have seen it on the A.R show.This made some businesses go under,because the things weren’t selling like it was before.If you went to an auction most of the people would try and buy cheap,so they could make a big profit.Your saying to yourself,that isn’t anything new.Well it as gotten a lot deeper,than that.With the economy the way it is.I went to a Auction about three weeks ago.It’s been maybe two years since I went last.I was very surprise,their wasn’t very many people there.I looked around to see if I could use anything before the auction started.Their were a couple of things I could use. But if it didn’t go off in a hour,no big lost for me.While I was their the bids were low,and a lot of the things didn’t even sell.You have to feel bad for the people that brought things to sell.I was talking to one of the fellows working their at the auction.I asked him if it was always like this?” He said” you never know what kind of crowd you get here. But I know when we advertise with one of our estate sales,we get crowded big time. People are lookingfor jewelry,gold and silver things.Looked at the time,and said “I better get moving,I have an appointment in ten minutes.

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