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Zumba Dancing or Walking?

I just finished reading a small article in the “All You” magazine,on the fitness page. The article is about the new fitness dance,called ” Zumba ” . The article reads,that if you do the dance for about a hour. You can burn 400-450 calories a hour,sounds great to me. If you do your brisk walk for the same about of time,you can burn 350 calories depending on your weight.If this is true,then this is a no brainer,my choice would be the “Zumba” dance,I can dance and have fun while I lose weight. When I did walk,all I did was put a lot of wear and tare on my body. I lost weight,but my body suffered from the pounding on the sidewalk. So I don’t know what you would prefer,dancing or walking. But my choice is “Zumba” dancing,so I better buy the dvd and get started.


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One thought on “Zumba Dancing or Walking?

  1. Zumba sounds like fun, but walking is nice because you get to experience the outdoors. I think that a mix of the two would be good, as you could stay focused and not get bored.

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