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How Dare Them!!!!

This really  is a ” BIG JOKE .” The government trying to come up with budget cuts  for the remainder of the fiscal year.If they would take care of all the happening in the United States. People losing their houses because they lost their jobs,mostly from outsourcing. People  trying to feed their families,and keeping their heads above water.
 Healthcare premiums  has been climbing for some time.Gas prices are soaring. How are people suppose to live.I guess the answer is get a second job. Some people can’t even find the first job.And for the seniors, when are they going to get their cost of living raise? It’s a disgrace,most worked all their life’s.I like to know how some of these people can sleep at night
 In the election of 2008, their was a promise of  Change. Am I missing something? Because I don’t see any change.
 Their are 3 wars going on now, we don’t belong over their fighting. They could of  save trillions of dollars,then we  wouldn’t have any problems with Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid..We need to stop putting our noses where it doesn’t belong..

Social Security Cuts Statement Mailings

Your yearly statements that social security mails out at the end of the  year. For over 150 million working people over the age of 25yo.The statement lets you know,how much you would receive.If you decided to retire or have to go on disability at age 62,66 or 70 yo.
The government is trying to switch from mailing out these statements,to providing all of this information online.The government is trying to save  70 million dollars a year. I think they should think about those,that do not have access to a computer. Or those that don’t have a clue on how to operate a computer.
This information is very important to a lot of people, this gives them a idea of where they stand. When they could possible retire if they wanted to.  Also they can keep track of taxable earnings each year,so they can compare to see if their are any mistakes each year. We have to wait and see what the government decides to do. First they have to make sure they can resolve security issues.

This information is in the Business section of The Daily Times.

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