Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

Flea Market

My husband and I started going to more auction,Probably 3 a week. We went their to buy used or new merchandise to resell ,at the flea markets. We didn’t have enough money to open a store at this time. So we figured, if we can make enough money from reselling merchandise. We could open a small business some day. That is when we started going to more auctions,and setting up at flea makets
In the mean time,a friend of ours knew we wanted to open a small store.He asked us if we wanted to sell his electronics on consignment He already had a store where he had his electronics set up.All we had to do was show up. We thought about it for a while,then we decided we would try it for a while. It sure would give us a break from the flea markets,and we could maybe make more money by trying this.


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