Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

When You need Something

When you go grocery shopping, do you have all your coupons? You spend all Sunday morning going through the paper,.so you can clip your coupons that you can use.You don’t put your coupons in your pocketbook right away. O.K. what happens? You have to go to the grocery store, sooner than you  thought.So where is your coupons? Yes your right,still home. Their are many people that do this (including myself) and you feel so stupid..
How about when you  clean your purse out?. You dump all of it’s con tense on the kitchen table,and you try and sort everything out. Take all of your change that you have been lugging around for ages.On the bottom of your purse,in case you need the coins,but you rarely do. Than what happens? You are in a store later that day,maybe the next.,sure enough you need some change.  You dig in your pocketbook for change,so you don’t break another dollar.Then you remember you cleaned out your pocketbook the day before,this is enough to drive anybody  crazy.Here comes all the change,because you don’t have 2 cents.


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2 thoughts on “When You need Something

  1. Nineteen posts and counting! Soon, you'll have a book.

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