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Flea Market

My husband and I started going to more auction,Probably 3 a week. We went their to buy used or new merchandise to resell ,at the flea markets. We didn’t have enough money to open a store at this time. So we figured, if we can make enough money from reselling merchandise. We could open a small business some day. That is when we started going to more auctions,and setting up at flea makets
In the mean time,a friend of ours knew we wanted to open a small store.He asked us if we wanted to sell his electronics on consignment He already had a store where he had his electronics set up.All we had to do was show up. We thought about it for a while,then we decided we would try it for a while. It sure would give us a break from the flea markets,and we could maybe make more money by trying this.

Little Girl

When I was a little girl,I wanted to become a teacher. But by the time I was a teenager, I changed my mind.. I thought I’d like to become a hairdresser. So in 12th grade,I started training to become a  hairdresser. A couple of months later I
met this fellow I liked,so I stopped going to hairdressing school,to be with him .I graduated from High School and about a year later we got married.We rented a apartment,so we needed furniture . That is when my husband Charlie and I started going to the auctions. We both liked the idea of buying and selling things. With that in mind,we had to come up with a plan,because we were both working at different jobs. So we decided to quit our jobs and start a business ourselves.

When You need Something

When you go grocery shopping, do you have all your coupons? You spend all Sunday morning going through the paper,.so you can clip your coupons that you can use.You don’t put your coupons in your pocketbook right away. O.K. what happens? You have to go to the grocery store, sooner than you  thought.So where is your coupons? Yes your right,still home. Their are many people that do this (including myself) and you feel so stupid..
How about when you  clean your purse out?. You dump all of it’s con tense on the kitchen table,and you try and sort everything out. Take all of your change that you have been lugging around for ages.On the bottom of your purse,in case you need the coins,but you rarely do. Than what happens? You are in a store later that day,maybe the next.,sure enough you need some change.  You dig in your pocketbook for change,so you don’t break another dollar.Then you remember you cleaned out your pocketbook the day before,this is enough to drive anybody  crazy.Here comes all the change,because you don’t have 2 cents.


Ever since I was a little girl. I loved to read,and I still love to read.When my son was a baby,I use to read him stories all the time.I believe it stuck,because to-day he is a avid reader.
No matter where I go,if I have the extra money, I will buy something to read. This is one of my vices, and I love it! I must be old -fashion,but I like the feel of a real book. Lots of people buy e-books for their kindles or nooks,and they probably love reading this way.But give me a real book to read, and I’ll be happier.


I had 7 siblings, my oldest sister,Ruthann died from ovarian cancer in 2007.So I have 2  sisters left,1 lives in Warminister,the other in Colorado Springs. I talk to Rosie on the phone about once a month,because she is so busy working for her sons in media. My sister Mary Ann ,who lives in Colorado Springs we seem to only talk around the holidays. I suppose she is to busy with her grandchildren. I have 4 brothers,I see them, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. We use to be a close family,when we were growing-up. But now that we are older with our own families,we just don’t have time to get together. Maybe some day we can become close again.

Changing Moon

Their is a article on by Denise Chow about the “Changing Moon” I read the article and thought it was very interesting. Their are a lot of images in her album about “Changing Moon”  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Spring Begins

Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring ! I am sooo! happy,this means I can open the windows and get lots of fresh air. When I breathe in spring air,its gives me lots of energy. I will start my spring cleaning:: cleaning windows,take the curtains down,wash them and put fresh ones up. Plus a lot of things, I should of done this pass winter. Like trying to get my basement in order,what a job I have in front of me.I can’t wait to start my garden,their is nothing better than fresh tomatoes,peppers of all kinds,egg plant etc.I have to go down to Lowes or Home Depot,to see if they have the tomato holders in yet. Last year we had so many tomatoes growing all over.We had about 5 tomatoes plants,but we got sooo! many tomatoes,they were every where. So if I get the holders,the plants will be better organized.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Can’t Answer

I have been a server, working with the public for quite some time. And their are a few things that I just can’t answer. Here they go:: Why when their is a full moon, some people  do and say crazy things?Which doesn’t make any sense. Here is another thing,(this just drives me crazy) When a few people go into a eating place,and the place is busy. They can’t wait to be seated,so they seat their selves, and always sit at a dirty table.How do they expect the busboy,to clean and get the table ready for them?
I have seen customers become increasingly rude in recent years. I can’t quite understand where this disrespect comes from.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flea Markets

When my husband Charlie and I first got married. We use to set up stands 7 days a week. We traveled to Delaware, up state Pennsylvania and New Jersey.We had stands to sell our wares,mostly antiques,sometimes  just odds and ends. Sometimes my sisters,Rosie and Maryann would go with us. We all had a good time. We also went to 4 or 5 auctions a week,to buy our merchandise(antiques). This way we would have different items to sell. And it would keep our customer happy with all the different  items.We made pretty good money each day,but their are pros and cons,for everything. It was a lot of work,packing and unpacking. Setting up the tables,not counting all the long drives to and from,we drove a lot of distances every day.Finally after doing this for about 4 years,we both decided on renting a store.,and staying stable. We still went to the auctions to buy,but once we unpacked the items from the auctions,it stayed until it was sold.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Did you ever hear of the web site Honestly? I just read about it in the magazine: Smart Money This is a web site that anonymous writers review co-workers and business associates. You  have to belong to Facebook,in order to make your comments.That web site is

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